6 of the Latest and Best Android Games for the Third Week Release July 2019

To catch up on the latest and best Android game recommendations released the third week of July 2019, I can immediately discuss the 4th Sunday and then go into the game game which was released in August 2019. And here is the recommendation of the 6 newest and best android games released the third week July 2019 version of HALOAPK.

The 6 Latest and Best Android Games

The 6 Latest and Best Android Games

Modern War Choppers
One thing that caught my attention was the PvP element, I wanted to feel the fun of PvP competing against other players but with a helicopter war. It turned out that my expectations could not be realized in this game. And in this game there is a wifi mode, but it's quite unfortunate that playing this game is still very rare. Maybe it's because the game is still new so I often enter the PvP arena alone and there are no enemies at all. So it's just another helicopter game that can be played without an internet connection or offline. I have tried playing this game using airplane mode which means there is no data connection or wifi at all. 

And it turns out this game mode can still be played to survive as long as possible in the playground while destroying various targets. The target is Tara, shotguns, ships, and helicopters. And clearly those targets will not remain silent when we attack. We must be able to play a strategy, if the game is not careful, our helicopter will erupt. The graphics of this game are pretty good. For those who like the best children's films, you can visit Best Kids Movies On Netflix

LastDay On Raft
For those of you who like Survival genre games, you may already be familiar with this shelf model Survival games. There are so many Android game models like this, but there's nothing wrong with trying this very new last day on Raft Ocean Survival. It displays gameplay that is more or less the same as most other Raft model survival games. You will try to survive on a boat that is bobbing on the ocean. The way to survive is to collect materials that float on the sea, you can take plastic wood leaves and various other things. 

With these materials such as making sea water distillation equipment so that it can be drunk and so forth. Later the equipment and equipment that you can make gradually increase and vary. You can make attractive butterflies. In this game you will find a change of time between day and night which makes this game even more challenging. Don't forget too, the shark that always lurks on your boat and is ready to damage it. Be careful not to fall in the sea when there are sharks because the shark doesn't hesitate to pounce on us.

Romance of Heroes
Romance of Heroes kingdom which is the legendary story of the 3 kingdom battles in ancient China. What's interesting is that the multi-web system or the many weapons system that can be contacted is replaced with just one tab. Of course this multi-event system can only be used if your friends already have various types of weapons. This game has a graph that he made to a standard size. It's not too special, but it's still worth enjoying cool scan animations and animated transitions. We can also upgrade as our characters grow stronger and obviously this also displays PvP elements with other players.

Rumble League
At first glance, it reminds me of the geme made by Supercell. The point is that we will compete with Battle Royale in the arena of 5 opponents. Don't compare Battle Royale with Battle Royale, both of them are Battle Royale, just different mechanisms. What's interesting is that there are also some Rosehero games in this game, there are Hero Ren or long distance, there is a Hero or a short distance, there is a Hero Tank and there is also a Hero support. Try to make it easier to win against team members.

Harvest Town
This invites me to reminisce that I am still young and like to spend time at PS rentals for hours. I'm sure my friends of the same age will immediately recognize this game. This game is similar to Harvest Moon, different from the basic concept is still the same game about life simulation games that combine rural nuances with agriculture. A character who has longed for his hometown since graduating from our character has gone overseas, and succeeded successfully overseas but when he was old and began to get sick our character was homesick.

Dragon Raja
Dragon Raja tries to give something new. It's just that it's a pity this game still uses Chinese, so there's not much I can tell about this game. The story background is about what I don't understand. Maybe there is a friend who can speak Chinese who can help me? The chart should not be asked, if your cellphone is good, it looks even more stunning. I got news from acquaintances working in the field of importing machinery in China, he said, this game is being prepared for its global release.

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